New York City Sunrise with Epic Clouds

Two days ago I went to Weehawken, NJ to photograph the sunrise. The weather had potential with high clouds forming over the city. When I got there, it looked amazing and I set up my camera to shoot a wider angle view of the city to capture the sky.

My settings were manual at 7 second interval. I started at 1.5″ shutter speed, 64 ISO and ramped open the aperture during the timelapse.

The clouds eventually came in and covered the city. Near sunrise, the sky started to open a little bit and I could see the high clouds above the city. High clouds are typically the best for sunrise or sunset because they catch colors the best.

In the end, the clouds stayed for the most part but let the sun through which provided some cool colors and view of the city. Watch my timelapse below!

Always make sure to go out and shoot because you might be rewarded with a sunrise like this!

Brian | Timelapse Travels (@timelapse_travels) • Instagram photos and videos

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