Beach Photographs – How not to make them boring

Shooting landscapes or timelapses at the beach is one of the most difficult things to do in my opinion in travel photography. This is beacause the beach and a sunrise/sunset are so beautiful but the images can be so boring! Here are my two tips: 1) Explore the beach about 2 hours before sunset and … Continue reading Beach Photographs – How not to make them boring

Chicago Weekend Trip

This past weekend I was in Chicago with my family. I was only in the city for two short days so I didn't have much time for shooting but still managed to get a few videos! When I first got to Chicago it started raining of course and was much colder than I expected. My … Continue reading Chicago Weekend Trip

Riverhouse11 Luxury Apartments – Port Imperial NYC Skyline Views

Two nights ago I drove to Port Imperial NJ to photograph the New York City skyline near the new Riverhouse11 luxury apartments. For those that haven't been to Port Imperial the views and access are amazing. There is a beautiful park right in front of the skyline with several places to relax and walk a … Continue reading Riverhouse11 Luxury Apartments – Port Imperial NYC Skyline Views

5 Things to do in San Antonio

Earlier this month I went to San Antonio Texas for a weekend trip. I wanted to provide a few tips for things to do in the city 1. Eat Mexican food on the Riverwalk. There are several restaurants right on the river but to be honest Mexican is the best and who wouldn't enjoy a … Continue reading 5 Things to do in San Antonio

Portugal – Day 1 (Lisbon and Sintra)

We finally arrived in Portugal!  The plan is to stay two nights in Lisbon and three nights in Porto.  After an overnight flight from Newark we were ready to begin our journey.  We arrived around 830 in the morning and got to our hotel in central Lisbon near 1030.  Not too bad of an airport … Continue reading Portugal – Day 1 (Lisbon and Sintra)

New York City Moonrise from New Jersey

Yesterday evening I drove out to Liberty State Park, one of my favorite spots for photos.  The full moon was rising near the same time as sunset.  I was debating going because of the cold weather and potential for cloudy skies.  But during the day it seemed as if the clouds were clearing and the … Continue reading New York City Moonrise from New Jersey

Reading PA, Skyline Drive Sunset

Last night I drove to Reading, PA to see a sunset from Skyline Drive which overlooks the city.  The weather was a bit cold but there was the potential for party to clear skies.  The overlook has a Japanese style pagoda which is really unique!  The sun was setting at 558 pm directly above the … Continue reading Reading PA, Skyline Drive Sunset