China Town, Manhattan Sunset Trip

Last weekend I drove to Brooklyn to take photos of the sunset and Brooklyn Bridge. Last year I went to the Manhattan Bridge for a sunset shot and knew that there were some good views of China Town.  I was waiting for the bridge to line up with the sunset over China Town and this was happening in October.  The weather looked perfect so I drove to Brooklyn and walked across to China Town.

It turned out perfect! The only negative about shooting on the Manhattan Bridge are the trains.  They go by every few minutes and shake the bridge.  I had to ramp up my ISO to 1000 and kept the shutter speed at a target of 1/60 which is twice my focal length of a 28 mm lens.

20171007_181044The video turned out awesome though.  The sunset was absolutely epic!  The sky turned orange with some really cool clouds.  I was using a 12 second interval.  I had to end up deleting about 20 photos or from my sequence because they ended up blurry with the train shake.  But this is barely noticeable in the video!  I had to stop before night because my shutter speed was getting too long but I am happy with the result

ChinaTown Sunset-466

China Town Sunset

Hopefully you enjoy the video!



New York City Sunrise from Jersey City

This weekend I went to Jersey City, NJ at Exchange Place to shoot a sunrise timelapse.  Jersey City has some great views of the Manhattan Skyline, especially during sunrise as the sun comes over the skyline.

I started shooting my timelapse at 530 AM (about one hour before sunrise).  The mood was pretty foggy which I thought might lead to some nice colors but what happened was surprising!



The fog was clearing and coming back the entire morning and staying in the city which was weird!

I was using my 28 mm f/2.8 lens in manual exposure.  I set my interval to 11 seconds.  My first shots were at ISO 500, 6 second shutter speed and f/11.  I gradually decreased my ISO, then shutter speed and aperture during the course of the shoot.  I ended up at ISO 100, 1/40 seconds, and f/22.

I ended up staying until 830 AM which was about a three hour shoot since the clouds were so majestic.  The clouds were moving through the city and the sun even started to peak through the skyline!

20170916_072623After the sun started rising with the clouds and skyline it even formed a shadow with the World Trade Center which I never could have imagined seeing! I tried to capture it with my phone below.DSC_1918


Overall this turned out to be a pretty nice timelapse with the city and clouds! Glad I woke up early for the shoot and stayed for the three hour and 800 + photos!



New York City Skyline Sunset Reflection Timelapse

Yesterday evening I drove to Jersey City, NJ to take a timelapse.  I was planning on taking a timelapse of the Colgate clock which is right across from Liberty State Park.  However, I only had my 28 mm lens f/2,8 and this wasn’t wide enough to get a nice composition without looking too cluttered.

I walked around for a bit looking for a shot and found a pier which started to have some nice reflections of the sun as it set across the river.


Since the sun sets pretty fast, I used an interval of 3 seconds to get the sun moving across the buildings.  I was not planning staying through darkness because I had to catch a ferry at 755 PM to get home but I still had plenty of time for a nice timelapse.

My first shits were at ISO 500, f/9.0, 1/300 seconds.  I took about 700 photos in close to 30 minutes.  My last shot was at 1/60.  The lights had just started to turn on in the skyline  I really liked the reflection of the sun on the buildings and water and perhaps another nice composition in the future is the water reflection.  Also zooming into the buildings or WTC might be a good idea in the future!


Thanks for reading!


Empire State Building and American Copper Building Timelapse

This past weekend I drove to Brooklyn to take a timelapse video of the American Copper Buildings and Empire State Building from Hunter’s Point South Park.

I had been planning on this site because of the American Copper Buildings.  The two buildings are connected and I thought the sun peeking through the buildings during sunset would be a cool timelapse.


I got there about 630-645 and started shooting a timelapse with a 18 second interval.  Since I was pretty much staring right at the sun, I could use a f/14, ISO 320.  My shutter speed varied from 1/1250 second to 8 seconds at the end of the shot which I finished about 845 pm.

The shoot was a bit more challenging than normal because of the drastic light changes with the clouds in the beginning.  I had to change my shutter speed from 1/250 to 1/1250 within a shot or two because of the sun moving through the clouds.

This might have been better with an aperture priority mode but my camera generally overexposes once the sun goes down so I prefer to shoot in manual.

20170805_191534 I ended up with about 40 seconds of video in the end that turned out really great even with the light changes from the clouds.  Too bad the clouds went away during sunset though, they would have provided some nice color!

Hunters Point SouthDSC_4194DSC_4474

Thanks for reading


Manhattan Sunset from Brooklyn

On Saturday my brother and I went to Brooklyn for a day trip.  We visited Governor’s Island and walked around Brooklyn.  The sunset was at 830 pm and I wanted to do a day to night timelapse of the city from Brooklyn with the sun setting over the buildings.  I was at the iconic Brooklyn Bridge Park with the piers overlooking the skyline.  I got there about 7-715 pm and started taking photos with 6 second intervals.  DSC_7022On a side note, I was closer to the water as the sun was going down originally but a security guard kicked off about 10 photographers to the walkway.  Oh well, I still thought there might be some awesome color as the sun went down and it didn’t disappoint.

I was shooting in manual exposure with my 28 mm f/2.8 prime lens using my Nikon D7100.  My original exposure was f/13, ISO 400, 1/125 seconds.  I took close to 850 photos until 915 pm (45 minutes after sunset).  The clouds and colors were amazing.  The reflections of the water were simply stunning!


I kept shooting after the sun went down to capture the lights turning on in the skyline.  My exposure was eventually 5.0 seconds at ISO 800.  I started to ramp the ISO higher towards the end because I had a 6 second interval and need at least a 1 second buffering time in-between photos.


All my editing was done with LRTimelapse, Lightroom, and Adobe Premiere Pro for some minor warp stabilization since I bumped the camera a little bit during one of my shutter speed adjustments.

Overall this turned out perfect (minus the security guard) but lesson learned make sure you are in a spot you won’t get kicked off if you are going to be there for a long time.

Hopefully you enjoy the video and happy 4th of July!


Statue of Liberty EPIC Sunset Timelapse!

Some nights you just get lucky with the sunset!

Last night I went to Red Hook in Brooklyn to take some photos at Pier 44.  The pier this weekend was going to be a perfect spot with the sunset angle for the Statue of Liberty.  I drove there, left about 6 pm and got there around 730 (there was a shut down bridge and an accident on the way…so glad I left early).  Anyways, I could tell right away that the night was going to be epic for the sunset.  The sky was already orange about 30-45 minutes before sunset!


I started my timelapse with the intention of staying until nightfall because it was such a beautiful night.  I had to use my 70-300 mm kit lens to get the right composition.  I wanted the Statue of Liberty to clearly be the subject of the photo but as you can see the pier is still a bit away from the island.  I ended up being at 155 mm with my Nikon D7100 (crop sensor).  I was in manual exposure with f/13 and ISO 400.


My first photos were at 1/320 seconds (my last photos were at 5 second shutter speeds) since I was shooting right into the sun and I didn’t change the exposure for quite a bit until the sun started going down more.  I was using an 8 second interval and ended up staying for 800+ photos so close to two hours of shooting.  The timelapse ended up EPIC and PERFECT with the colors and sun doing down below the horizon.  The sun even aligned with the American flag near the horizon which was real cool.



After the sun started going down I was decreasing my shutter speed pretty much every 10 photos.  I try and change the shutter speed at minimum 10 photos because I will ultimately need to smooth the transitions in LRTimelapse and Lightroom and the more changes there are it becomes tougher and tougher to have smooth videos.  The 10 photo rule works pretty nicely in my opinion with an 8-12 second interval which is typical for my sunset timelapse.


The amount of boats going back and forth was my only concern but it looked ok in the video.  I was afraid with the 8 second interval that they would look like flashes of light but they moved around quite a bit.  As night fell, the Statue of Liberty started to light up which was awesome.

Overall, I am incredibly pleased with the video and results and feel extremely lucky!  One of my best timelapses for sure!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions



Central Park New York City – Bow Bridge Timelapse

Well today is a rainy day….so I thought I’d write about another video from last week where I visited New York City and Central Park.  One of the spots I had wanted to check out was the Bow Bridge which is famous from a lot of photos and movies.  The bridge has a little bench area right next to the water which was perfect.  The clouds were moving in and out of sunshine and there were a lot of paddle boats.

I was trying to use a shutter speed near 1 seconds to get some motion blur with the boats and people.  The river is pretty narrow at the bridge and with my 18-55 mm lens I really couldn’t go any wider for panning motion.  I was using ISO 100 and f/22 with a UV filter to drag the shutter speed a little longer.  I set my interval at 3 seconds for 300 total photos since I was trying to capture and blur the motion of people and boats.

The video below shows the scene from my phone and you can see its a bit cloudy and dark outside.  But I ramped up the exposure in my camera and editing to lighten the scene a bit.  Overall, this turned out really nice!  I am sure this would be epic in the fall!