Sunsets in Ireland – Always a Surprise and Unique

This past week I was in Kinsale, Ireland which is a beautiful seaside town in Cork (southeastern Ireland).

I had some free time to shoot timelapses and two nights in a row I walked for shoots. The Irish weather is always a mystery so my recommendation is to never be discouraged by it or on the flip side optimistic.

The first evening I walked towards Charles Fort which overlooks the town from the otherside of the harbor. The walk was about 45 minutes and it was cloudy when I started.

I thought there was potential because of the high clouds and was I right!

I set up my camera looking towards the town and about 5 minutes before sunset the sky opened up just enough to light up!

You can see the progression of the sunset in these photos. The view was amazing and watching the sun peek through was amazing! My timelapse was going during this time at a 10 second interval. What a great evening! Soon after sunset the clouds rolled in pretty heavily.

The second evening I walked towards James Fort which is on the other side of the harbor. I was a little more optimistic this time because I could actually see the sun. The walk was about 30 minutes.

I set up with an 8 second interval. The clouds were moving extremely fast and there was a good mix of light clouds and heavy clouds. The clouds never really lightened up enough for an epic sunset but the difference between light and dark was something to see!

In the end both videos turned out unique and I got some great footage. Glad I went out for both nights!

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