Cherry Blossoms – Timelapse

This past weekend the cherry blossoms were blooming in New Jersey. Branch Brook Park in Newark actually has the largest collection of cherry trees in the country so I took a trip.

The area was obviously very crowded because of all the beautiful trees. I was hoping to get a nice timelapse but found it difficult.

My first gut instinct was to shoot the sun behind the tree flowers. I tried this with a 4 second interval so that some time could elapse for the video. This honestly didnt turn out too great.

The sun was shining strong enough to get a starburst behind the clouds.

I continued walking and thought there was a low chance to get a nice video because of the crowds and cars. I eventually found two trees after walking a while where I could set my camera inside a canopy.

There were a lot of people walking around and I decided to shoot a 4 second shutter speed with a 6 second interval to get some motion blur.

This turned out so much better. Lesson learned to use the crowds to your advantage and take some time to explore!

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