Zoomlapse – What is it and how to make one

Yesterday I went to Paterson Great Falls in New Jersey which is the largest in NJ. The weather was perfect (70s) and the new viewpoint and park walkways were completed. The park is really nice and well kept now if you haven’t been recently!

Since I’ve been there before, I wanted to try something new with my 24-120 mm f/4 lens.

A zoomlapse!

A zoomlapse is a video that changes perspective by zooming during the shot. For the shot I first used a ND6 filter to get a 2 second shutter speed for the water smoothing.

I then did a 120 photo timelapse at 24 mm to give the video a starting perspective.

Its really important to test the zoom at both 24 and 120 to make sure the composition is what you like when its wide and zoomed. My recommendation is to level the camera.

Once I finished the 120 shot timelapse, I then started zooming in slowly to 120 mm eventually. I tried to go as evenly as possivle and get another 120 shots during the video.

After the zoom reached 120 mm I then shot another 40-50 shots. I would’ve done more but my camera ran out of battery.

Hope you enjoy the video

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