Exploring The Vessel at One Hudson Yards – Three Photography Tips

You’ve probably seen photos by now of the Vessel but I wanted to give you three tips from a photographers perspective.

Last weekend the Vessel opened and I went to explore it at One Hudson Yards. You need to get tickets ahead of time so check online. They do offer tickets every morning at 8 AM online but make sure to log in earlier around 745 – 750 AM so you’re not stuck in a long queue.

Here are my three tips!

1) Walk to the top before taking any photos. The vessel seems very symmetric and you will want to to start taking photos right away but there are lots of unique views and perspectives. The angles change every floor and you’ll be able to determine your favorite angle better without a camera. Once you get to the top then start taking photos as you walk down!

2) Be aware of the shadows – – if you go during the day the structure will likely have harsh shadows so check out the lighting angle from the sun and if there are any clouds.

3) Explore the outside – the Vessel has very unique perspectives from the outside including a garden, mirror reflections, skyscraper views. You might be able to get a more uniqie photo from the outside so dont skip this! I’d actually recommend getting there early before your ticket time to walk around.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions.


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