Beach Photographs – How not to make them boring

Shooting landscapes or timelapses at the beach is one of the most difficult things to do in my opinion in travel photography.

This is beacause the beach and a sunrise/sunset are so beautiful but the images can be so boring!

Here are my two tips:

1) Explore the beach about 2 hours before sunset and find a composition

2) Photograph a foreground element that tells a story with the sunset

How often do you just see the image of water, sand, and the sky? You can get that image everywhere in the world with any camera.

I was faced with this situation yesterday in Celestun Mexico, so about 2 hours before sunset I walked around the beach trying to find an image that could tell a story.

The beach had plenty of palapas and I found a few that were close by at a good angle for the sun.

I wanted to use the palapas as the frame of my image. I got to the location about 45 minutes prior to sunset and set up my Nikon D850 for the timelapse.

I used a 8 second interval with my Tamron 15-30 f/2.8.

The views were absolutely stunning and the empty palapa and beach chair provided a great composition!

Thanks for reading!


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