2019 Best Timelapses

Finished compiling my favorite 15 timelapse videos from 2019 including shots from Ireland, Austria, Canada, Mexico, Italy, and the United States! Check out the video in 4K! https://youtu.be/0EbeopnL_TE

Zoomlapse – What is it and how to make one

Yesterday I went to Paterson Great Falls in New Jersey which is the largest in NJ. The weather was perfect (70s) and the new viewpoint and park walkways were completed. The park is really nice and well kept now if you haven't been recently! Since I've been there before, I wanted to try something new … Continue reading Zoomlapse – What is it and how to make one

Three Drone (DJI Mavic Air) Timelapse Tips

I recently bought a DJI Mavic Air.  I was excited about the small size for travel and camera settings with 4K capability + RAW files for editing photos.  I had some trial and error shooting timelapses but now have an idea of how to get some good quality (and smooth) timelapses.  See three tips below! … Continue reading Three Drone (DJI Mavic Air) Timelapse Tips

Fall Adventure in New Jersey

Last weekend I drove to the Appalachian Trail to explore the fall colors of New Jersey.  I went to the Stairway to Heaven Trail, the Boardwalk Trail, and High Point State Park.  All spots were awesome.  My first one was the Stairway to Heaven Trail where I spotted a cool composition of a hillside landscape. … Continue reading Fall Adventure in New Jersey

Independence Hall – Hyperlapse

This Friday I went to Philadelphia for a short day trip.  We stopped near Independence Hall so I decided to take a timelapse...of course!  I was debating a long exposure timelapse with the crowds and cars but I thought this was a pretty standard shot.  I instead decided to do a hyperlapse from left to … Continue reading Independence Hall – Hyperlapse

Historic Smithville Park – New Jersey

Yesterday afternoon I drove to historic Smithville Park in New Jersey near Trenton.  The park is a nice and relaxing place for a hike that used to be part of the underground railroad.  I took some time to walk around the park and found a pretty nice pond with lots of lilies and a bridge … Continue reading Historic Smithville Park – New Jersey

Day trip to Philadelphia!

Last week my brother and I took a day trip to Philadelphia.  We wanted to see some historic sites such as Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell but the city was plenty crowded.  We saw the Eastern State Penitentiary and Logan Square instead.  Both were cool sites to see and 100% recommended. Eastern State Penitentiary … Continue reading Day trip to Philadelphia!

Thomas Edison Memorial Tower – Hyperlapse Video

  Yesterday afternoon I drove to Edison, NJ to see the Thomas Edison Memorial Tower.  This is the site of Thomas Edison's first R&D laboratory and where the light bulb and sound recording was invented.  The surrounding park was a bit small and the tower a bit large, so I had to do something I've … Continue reading Thomas Edison Memorial Tower – Hyperlapse Video