Fall Adventure in New Jersey

Last weekend I drove to the Appalachian Trail to explore the fall colors of New Jersey.  I went to the Stairway to Heaven Trail, the Boardwalk Trail, and High Point State Park.  All spots were awesome.  My first one was the Stairway to Heaven Trail where I spotted a cool composition of a hillside landscape.


For this video I ended up shooting only 10 seconds of video with a ISO 100, 1/25 sec, f/22 with my 28 mm f/2.8 lens.  I was using a 2 second interval since it was pretty windy and the clouds and shadows were moving fairly quickly.

The next location was the Appalachian Trail Boardwalk which was only about 10 minutes away.  I was walking around for a bit looking for a good spot but didn’t find anything too appealing so I decided to do a hyperlapse on the boardwalk.  For this hyperlapse I was shooting at 1/400 seconds since I was doing a handheld hyperlapse.  I took a photo every single plank and moved down the boardwalk.  I focused on the tree on the right side of the image every photo to maintain a steady shot in editing.  I came up with 310 photos surprisingly which also makes editing easier!


Afterwards I went to High Point State Park, the leaves in the area were awesome colors and I wanted a nice viewpoint of the hillsides and landscape!  High Point State Park is the highest point in New Jersey so that was perfect!


My timelapse video was using the Syrp Genie Mini for a nice panning timelapse.  I wanted to capture movement in the landscape with the shadows on the hills.  I used a 2.5 second interval for rotating near 15 degrees.  My settings were  f/13, 1/400, and ISO 40.  I wanted to capture the movement without too much wind impact!


My last location was at High Point State Park again but at the lake overlooking the monument.  The trees, waters, and clouds set a perfect scene here.  For this shot I decided to us a ND filter to slow the shutter speed which smoothed out the water.  I was at a 3 second shutter speed with ISO 400 and f/13.  My interval was 5 seconds to allow buffering time for the photos.

Overall pretty good day with 4 videos and awesome locations that capture the fall beauty of northern New Jersey!

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