China Town, Manhattan Sunset Trip

Last weekend I drove to Brooklyn to take photos of the sunset and Brooklyn Bridge. Last year I went to the Manhattan Bridge for a sunset shot and knew that there were some good views of China Town.  I was waiting for the bridge to line up with the sunset over China Town and this was happening in October.  The weather looked perfect so I drove to Brooklyn and walked across to China Town.

It turned out perfect! The only negative about shooting on the Manhattan Bridge are the trains.  They go by every few minutes and shake the bridge.  I had to ramp up my ISO to 1000 and kept the shutter speed at a target of 1/60 which is twice my focal length of a 28 mm lens.

20171007_181044The video turned out awesome though.  The sunset was absolutely epic!  The sky turned orange with some really cool clouds.  I was using a 12 second interval.  I had to end up deleting about 20 photos or from my sequence because they ended up blurry with the train shake.  But this is barely noticeable in the video!  I had to stop before night because my shutter speed was getting too long but I am happy with the result

ChinaTown Sunset-466

China Town Sunset

Hopefully you enjoy the video!


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