Kaaterskill Falls Day Trip

If you live in the NYC / NJ area and want to explore or hike then I recommend Kaaterskill Falls in the Catskill Mountains.

The waterfalls are two stage and very impressive. The trail is about 2 hours from NYC and is a perfect day trip.

We got there around noon and hiked the half mile to the waterfalls. There are several viewpoints after a steep climb.

The first one is of both waterfalls and has some cool perspectives.

After grabbing a snack (and timelapse) of course we ventured even higher. For all of these shots I used my Nikon D850 and a ND filter. I shot all of them with a 1 second shutter speed and 2 second interval. The 1 second shutter speed is perfect for water. Any longer and the water may be too smooth for a timelapse. The 2 second interval allows you to see the motion of the waterfall with the wind which is cool to see in the videos!

At the second stage there is a nice high view of the top waterfall. You can also walk behind and around the waterfall! I recommend doing this first because you get to see the entire landscape. For my videos here its really cool seeing the people because it gives you perspective of the waterfalls scale!

We also grabbed another snack and took more videos.

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