Easton PA – Northampton St. Bridge Sunset Timelapse

Yesterday evening I drove to Easton PA to take some pictures of the Northampton St. Bridge.  I had been waiting to take photos of this bridge for a few weeks but the weather hasn’t really been inspiring.  The bridge sits on the Delaware River in-between New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  The weather has been awful all week and the sky was finally starting to clear early in the afternoon so I was hoping for a nice sunset.  The clouds in Easton PA were still pretty heavy so there wasn’t too much of color but still provided some nice movement.


I decided to use my Syrp GenieMini for the shot to provide a panning motion.  I used 18 degrees of motion for a 15 second video over 1 hour with my interval set at 8 seconds.  I used manual exposure at f/11 and ISO 640 with my 28 mm f/2.8 lens. My first shot was at 1/20 seconds and my last shot was at 5 seconds exposure.  I like to ramp my exposure for the day to night transitions to make sure the sky is exposed correctly.


The sunset didn’t really happen but the day to night transition of the bridge was really cool especially with the reflections on the water.  The panning motion is also a good touch to the video I think moving across the river.

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