Independence Hall – Hyperlapse

This Friday I went to Philadelphia for a short day trip.  We stopped near Independence Hall so I decided to take a timelapse…of course!  I was debating a long exposure timelapse with the crowds and cars but I thought this was a pretty standard shot.  I instead decided to do a hyperlapse from left to right of Independence Hall.  The ground had evenly spaced bricks so it was pretty easy to do. DSC_5278

My settings for the camera are pretty important during a hyperlapse, especially when doing it hand-held (without a tripod).  I was using manual exposure 1/500 sec, f/10, and ISO 800.  I typically prefer to use fast shutter speeds doing it manual to prevent camera shake and blurriness.  The 1/250 or 1/500 shutter speed is perfect for this type of shot.

After shooting about 275 photos. I merged them all into Adobe After Effects with Warp Stabilizer.  The smoothing worked perfectly since the shots were really close together (little movement between each).  The longer movements between shots create more camera shake and may require manual stabilization.

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Easton PA – Northampton St. Bridge Sunset Timelapse

Yesterday evening I drove to Easton PA to take some pictures of the Northampton St. Bridge.  I had been waiting to take photos of this bridge for a few weeks but the weather hasn’t really been inspiring.  The bridge sits on the Delaware River in-between New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  The weather has been awful all week and the sky was finally starting to clear early in the afternoon so I was hoping for a nice sunset.  The clouds in Easton PA were still pretty heavy so there wasn’t too much of color but still provided some nice movement.


I decided to use my Syrp GenieMini for the shot to provide a panning motion.  I used 18 degrees of motion for a 15 second video over 1 hour with my interval set at 8 seconds.  I used manual exposure at f/11 and ISO 640 with my 28 mm f/2.8 lens. My first shot was at 1/20 seconds and my last shot was at 5 seconds exposure.  I like to ramp my exposure for the day to night transitions to make sure the sky is exposed correctly.


The sunset didn’t really happen but the day to night transition of the bridge was really cool especially with the reflections on the water.  The panning motion is also a good touch to the video I think moving across the river.

Reading PA, Skyline Drive Sunset

Last night I drove to Reading, PA to see a sunset from Skyline Drive which overlooks the city.  The weather was a bit cold but there was the potential for party to clear skies.  The overlook has a Japanese style pagoda which is really unique!  The sun was setting at 558 pm directly above the city so I thought it would be a great time to go.  I started shooting my timelapse about 515 pm and ended about 635 pm.

There was a small parking lot and overlook.  Even a band was playing there last night!  IT was a bit cold but the sun was out so it was bearable.  The below picture is my setup and the Pagoda.  20170304_18013420170304_180638

I took 295 photos every 15 seconds in manual exposure by ramping the shutter speed from 1/200 sec to 6 seconds at ISO 320 and f/10.  I used auto white balance since the light changes quite a bit during the sunset.  I was using my 28.0 mm, f/2.8 lens.  The sun was still a bit above the horizon when I started so my video has it going down below the mountains!

reading-sunset-1Towards the end the sky had an awesome orange glow above the horizon!



Check out my timeslice below of the video too which is a photo slice every 7-8 minutes!


Overall this turned out very nice!  Wish there were some clouds in the sky because the colors might have even been better but still worth the effort and cold in the end!  Let me know if you have any comments!