Fort Hancock – Sandy Hook NJ Sunset

Yesterday afternoon the weather was beautiful and the sun was out with nice temperatures! I decided to drive out to Sandy Hook, NJ to take sunset photos of the Officers’ Row at Fort Hancock in Sandy Hook National Park.  The clouds were a bit hazy but still clear enough to see the sun.

I set up my tripod in a spot where the sun was setting behind the houses with a good angle.  I wanted to sun to be in view the entire time while in-between the houses.  I used the TPE app to get the correct sun positioning for location.

I ended up using my 18-55 mm kit lens (F3.5-F5.6) at 22 mm and ISO 500 with f/13.  My first photo was at 1/100 seconds.  I used a 12 second interval since I was planning to be there a little over an hour.  Tip: have a blanket as the sun goes down it gets a lot colder!

20170409_190958DSC_3968The sun was awesome and my shutter speed was adjusted.  I usually change the shutter speed every 10-20 photos to keep some consistency in the exposure.  I took 352 photos with my last shot at an 8 second shutter speed with the same ISO and f stop settings.


The video turned out really nice.  The sky didn’t really turn that red or pink but there was still some nice color.  The spot also has the moon on the other side with lots of planes going by so I might come to this location later in the year again!

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