Earth Hour in New York City

Last evening I drove to Liberty State Park again in Jersey City to take a timelapse of the Manhattan Skyline.  Yesterday evening was Earth Hour which is an hour each year where cities and buildings turn off lights to conserve energy.  Check out the site:

I was hoping the NYC skyline would have a dramatic difference at 830!  Win for the environment and my timelapsing!  I started shooting about 815 PM with a 5 second interval.  I wasn’t necessarily planning on staying long, just enough for a 15-20 second video with a cool before and after.


My other settings were ISO 500 and a 2 second shutter speed with f/8.0 in Manual exposure. I was using my 18-55mm Kit Lens at 34 mm with my Nikon D7100.

The sky was very gloomy since it was raining lightly most of the day but at least the skyline was still visible.

Once 830 hit a few buildings turned off their lights and you can see in the video but the WTC and the other main buildings didn’t.  The Empire State building did though which was out of this scene further midtown.  Hopefully next year there will be more participation!  I always enjoy shooting NYC though, I still think its beautiful even with a gloomy sky.  Thanks for reading!


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