Newport, New Jersey – Lighthouse and Views of Manhattan

This morning I drove up to Newport, New Jersey.  I’ve been waiting to go check out the area for the lighthouse it has right in-front of the Hudson River and the Manhattan Skyline.  Today the weather was pretty nice, not too cold and blue skies and clouds.  I was thinking about going for sunrise but thought it might be better in the day since I’ve never been in the area.

When I got there the candy cane lighthouse was a bit smaller than I thought but easily accessible. I used my 18-55 lens at 18 mm and f/14, ISO 500 at 1/250 seconds.  I had to use my widest focal length since the park was really small with the lighthouse and I could not back up any further.  My interval was set at 5 seconds for the timelapse since the clouds were moving at a pretty good pace.  I took about 400 photos for this video.  I think it turned out pretty nice with some good motion in the clouds!


I also last minute decided to shoot another quick timelapse of the One World Trade Center up-close since the park had a great view of the building.  The clouds were still moving pretty quickly and I used my 55-300 mm lens at 70 mm with 1/500 sec and f/15, ISO 500 at 3 second intervals.  I didn’t end up zooming all the way with my 300 mm focal length since there would not have been much context in the scene.

Hope you enjoy the videos!




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