Belmar New Jersey Sunrise

This morning I drove to Belmar, NJ which has been one of my spots that I’ve been waiting for an opportunity with a sunrise.  Belmar, NJ is a beachtown in New Jersey that has a pier which I was waiting until good weather and a good angle on the sunrise for shooting.  Today the sunrise was at 716 AM and the angle was slightly off from the pier so I could get both in the shot.  I got there about 645 AM and started shooting with my 28 mm lens at 5 second intervals.  I was using manual exposure at f/13 and ISO 200 with the first shot at a 3 second shutter speed.


Everything was going well however I realized too late that I set up my tripod close to the water!  I quickly checked the tide area when I got there and thought the tide was pretty far up since most of the pier was underwater.  But about 20 minutes through I checked the high tide and it was 920 AM which meant it was going to come up closer and closer to my camera.  Eventually it did!  And I had to move about 10 feet back to restart my timelapse since I can’t have waves crashing on my camera!  Luckily it happened right as the sun was starting to peak out so I could start a new timelapse with the sun just rising above the horizon.


I quickly set my camera to new settings at 3 second intervals with ISO 100 and f/18 with the first shot at 0.4 second shutter speed.  Looking at the two videos, I like the second one better because of the time interval (3 seconds).  I think shooting the ocean up-close with longer intervals creates a lot of quick movement in the waves.


I will definitely be heading back to this location, I really like the composition of the shot but next time I will look up the tides!

Still good practice for my trip to the Bahamas next week!!



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