Heinz Field Timelapse

Last weekend I went to Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh to shoot a timelapse of Heinz Field before the game (Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns) started as the stadium was filling.  Mt. Washington has some great perspectives of the city, including Heinz Field.  I got to Mt. Washington about 1130 and started shooting at ten second intervals.  I was trying to get the crowds and boats moving in and out.  I figured ten seconds was a good time considering any longer the boats would have been difficult to appreciate.  I think the timelapse turns out pretty cool when the boats unload people in front of the stadium and then leave and come back!

I used my zoom lens (55.0 – 300 mm) at 110 mm in the beginning.  I was using ISO 100 and f/16 in Manual Exposure and sunlight white balance.  Once the game started I then tried my zoom lens to 240 mm for 120 shots and then 300 mm for another 120 shots (at 3 second intervals each) to get more detailed crowd movement.  I merged the three timelapses together to give a zoom effect to the video.  I really love the movement of people through the stadium once I zoomed a bit further.  I’m very happy with the results.  The weather was perfect with the sun behind the stadium so it was lit really well!  Thanks for reading!



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