Fallingwater Winter Wonderland

Fallingwater is one of the iconic homes built by Frank Lloyd Wright.  About 90 minutes from Pittsburgh, this home lies inside the forest of the Laurel Highlands region of Pennsylvania.  The home was built into Bear Run and includes waterfalls into its design.  Looking at the weather I realized we had an opportunity to see the home during a snowfall which I imagined would look beautiful!  The area has a pretty nice overlook of the home and waterfall so I set up my camera and tripod with a 1/4 second shutter speed at ISO 100 and f/20 using my 18.0-55.0 mm kit lens.  I set the composition with both waterfalls and included lots of the forest which had the fresh snowfall on the trees and branches!  I used an interval of 8 seconds.  The video turned out pretty well but one improvement would be a faster interval near 1-3 seconds since a lot of the snowfall resembles flicker which can be removed to some degree but more difficult when a big wind comes through and moves the trees!  Photographing fast moving weather is what I find most challenging with timelapses.

The only complicating thing about this timelapse was the snowfall!  I didn’t want the snow to land on the lens and create smudges or spots in the timelapse.  Hence, an umbrella!  Worked perfectly and the entire time not a single spot was on the lens.  The camera lens was perfectly dry at the end!  See some of the behind the scene photos below!

Check out the beginning and end shots and the difference between them with snow falling!



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