NYC Timelapses – 20 Minutes of Relaxing Videos in 4K

I’ve compiled my best timelapse videos from NYC in 4k. 20 minutes of them for a relaxing video which you can enjoy! Please like, comment, and subscribe!

Memorial Day Special – NYC Timelapse Workshops

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NEW!! New York City Mobile Timelapse Guide

I’ve released a NYC Timelapse guide for Mobile Phones. It includes the 20 best skyline views and access, shooting times, and tips! Also included is an interactive google maps and example images. Anyone who purchases the guide gets an exclusive 20% discount for my workshops. See link below

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Full Moon Rise over NYC Skyline

Last weekend I went out to Liberty State Park to shoot the full moon rise over the NYC skyline. This was the evening of the blood wolf moon. I was hoping to get a nice video over the world trade center. The blood moon wouldnt happen until after midnight but it was still a good … Continue reading Full Moon Rise over NYC Skyline

Manhattan Sunset from Brooklyn

On Saturday my brother and I went to Brooklyn for a day trip.  We visited Governor's Island and walked around Brooklyn.  The sunset was at 830 pm and I wanted to do a day to night timelapse of the city from Brooklyn with the sun setting over the buildings.  I was at the iconic Brooklyn … Continue reading Manhattan Sunset from Brooklyn

Newport, New Jersey – Lighthouse and Views of Manhattan

This morning I drove up to Newport, New Jersey.  I've been waiting to go check out the area for the lighthouse it has right in-front of the Hudson River and the Manhattan Skyline.  Today the weather was pretty nice, not too cold and blue skies and clouds.  I was thinking about going for sunrise but … Continue reading Newport, New Jersey – Lighthouse and Views of Manhattan

One World Trade Center – Cloud Reflections

Yesterday afternoon we took a short trip into New York City.  The first place we visited was the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan.  The weather for the day was partly cloudy and actually ended up raining in the evening so not many timelapse opportunities.  But when we got to the WTC my brother … Continue reading One World Trade Center – Cloud Reflections

New York City Tilt Shift Adventure (Part 1) – Train Stations

  Yesterday I decided to take a day off work and visit New York City to test out a Tilt-Shit lens (Nikon PC-E 24 mm f/3.5).  I created a shot list of ten locations (only got to 7) but ended up getting some good results and learning new things!  The first two posts are indoor … Continue reading New York City Tilt Shift Adventure (Part 1) – Train Stations

September 11th – 15 Year Anniversary

Yesterday I went to Liberty State Park in New Jersey for the 15th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  The day was totally surreal and I'm still amazed it was 15 years ago.  I was hoping to see the Tribute in Light that shines above the city emulating where the towers used to stand.  We … Continue reading September 11th – 15 Year Anniversary