Portugal Day 3 – Lisbon Sunrise

The third day was our last in Lisbon as we were travelling to Porto for the last few days of our trip.  I decided to wake up early for a sunrise video since I wasn’t going to have a chance for many timelapses on a travel day.  Near our hotel was the scenic Parque Eduardo VII which sits atop a hill in Lisbon overlooking the city.  The park has a grass setting with bushes organized in a maze like format.

I left my hotel about an hour before sunrise and walked up to the park (only about 10 minutes away).  I did not realize how steep the hill was until I got there!  It took another ten minutes to walk up the steep hill to get to the top for my shots.  Certainly a nice workout early in the morning I was no expecting!

Parque Eduardo-1

The rewards were amazing though, the views were to die for on top of the hill.  The sun was rising above in the horizon to the left of the hill but I still want to get some shots of the sun rising.

20171216_073351For my timelapse I set the camera centered on the hill with a 6 second interval.  My first shot was at ISO 800, f/13, and 1 second shutter speed.  I was using my 28 mm f/2.8 lens for this video.  As the sun rose, I ramped my ISO and aperture.


I ended up staying for close to an hour shooting 557 photos.  My last photo was at ISO 100, f/18, and 1/15 second shutter speed.  The sun was above the horizon during my last shots so I wanted to keep the aperture high to get a sun burst effect.  The sun was also creating a really cool shadow timelapse on the hill as it got higher in the sky which is always a nice creative effect!

By the time the video was done it was 830 am so I decided to walk back to pack for leaving for Porto.  Thanks for reading! Keep posted for more posts from Porto Portugal!



Portugal Day 2 – Exploring Lisbon with an Epic Sunset

The second full day in Lisbon allowed us to explore the city and all of its hills!  We first stopped for breakfast after sleeping some of the jet lag off.  The first location we stopped at was the Praca do Comercio which is the main plaza in Lisbon that overlooks the water.  It’s really a beautiful location with street views you can see for 2.50 euros going to the arch in the center of the plaza.  Highly recommended!  See some photos from the arch I took plus a few timelapses.  20171215_12363520171215_124108There are two sides to the arch, one overlooking the street and the other overlooking the plaza.  Both are really good views of Lisbon.  The first timelapse here is the shot of the Lisbon street.  I used a 2 second interval for this photo to get some long exposure on the people and cars with a 3 second interval.

From there we went to the Belem Tower which is a 10-15 minute train outside Lisbon.  The castle built in the 1100s sits on the Tagus river.  For this video I also used a 2 second shutter speed with a 3 second interval for the long exposure on the river and crowd.  The day was still a bit cloudy but there was some break coming.  We were hopeful for a sunset shot coming later!

For sunset we were going to the Sao Jorge Castle which sits atop Lisbon overlooking the entire city.  The views from that location are outstanding and I had looked that it was going to have a nice sunset angle.  We got there about 75 minutes before sunset.  The entry fee isn’t too expensive (6-8 euro) but the park closes at 6 pm so we had some time to see sunset but not much to stay after.

We walked around the park and found some sitting areas right on the wall overlooking Lisbon and the Tagus river.  I was going for a day to night timelapse here ramping my ISO, aperture, and shutter speed with my 28 mm f/2.8 lens.  I typically try to keep my shutter speed around 1 second.  I had an interval of 7 seconds for this shot.  I typically like shorter intervals.  If the intervals are too long then the amount of time to see the sunset with brilliant colors can look pretty short on the video.

20171215_160116The weather was looking better and better! And it turned amazing colors after the sun went down which was a sight to see over Lisbon!

20171215_17111020171215_183232In the end the sunset shot was perfect! One of the best I’ve seen and even better when on vacation hoping for a sunset to remember!

Castelo de Jorge Sunset-807

After the sunset we walked down towards the town which is much easier than walking up!  We stopped for dinner (meat, cheese, and wine!). Then explored the plazas of Lisbon which were decorated for Christmas and lit up!  I shot a few timelapses of the streets and plazas with the holiday lights.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the videos and photos! Look for more posts from Portugal in the near future!



Portugal – Day 1 (Lisbon and Sintra)

We finally arrived in Portugal!  The plan is to stay two nights in Lisbon and three nights in Porto.  After an overnight flight from Newark we were ready to begin our journey.  We arrived around 830 in the morning and got to our hotel in central Lisbon near 1030.  Not too bad of an airport or customs experience at all!  The trains are also really convenient in Lisbon with clear maps and stations everywhere.  Our flight was a bit tiring considering the constant turbulence but we still had to make most of the day.

The weather was a bit iffy, not too cold at about 55 deg F but some rain and fog.  I was hoping the clouds would clear up.  We decided to head for a day trip to Sintra which is about 45 min away by train from Lisbon.  We bought n all day train pass including the Metro so it was easy getting back and forth.

Sintra sits on top of a hill with a castle and palace.  The town itself is pretty cool with very narrow and windy roads and lots of shops.  There is a town bus that takes a loop around all the destinations and most importantly take you up the hill!  The castle and palace sit on top of the hill so it was even a bit more windy and foggy.

The first location we visited was Castle of the Moors.  The castle is from the 9th century and sits overlooking the town.  The views were amazing…when they weren’t covered by fog!  I found a composition with the castle wall and town that seemed pretty cool.  The fog was moving incredibly fast so I was hoping to get a shot of the castle and fog going in and out.  For this shot, I used a 1 second interval at 1/250 second shutter speed with ISO 400 and f/9.0 with my 28 mm f/2.8 lens.  The video turned out pretty cool with the fog moving so quickly.  I wish I could do an interval faster than 1 second though!


The next spot was the Palacio de Pena which is a beautiful palace very close to the castle full of colors and neat little walkways.  The location was honestly so cloudy and misty that I could not find a single photo to take for a timelapse.  I was trying to play around with a hyperlapse but nothing worked….

20171214_100716After Sintra we took the train back to Lisbon and went to the movie theatre to relax.  We watched Star Wars which was great!  The movie theatre was underneath an old bull fighting ring called Campo Pequeno.  The mall was in the basement of this theatre so after the movie I stopped for a timelapse of the stadium and streets which turned out to be pretty cool.  For this timelapse I used a 2 second interval with a 1 second shutter speed at ISO 800 and f/11.  I used a 2 interval since the cars were moving pretty quick and I need at least one second in-between photos for the camera and memory card to reset for the next photo.  I think the video turned out great with the street and crowds in front of the stadium!


Afterwards we went back to the hotel and saw our street lit up for Christmas.  The lights around Lisbon have been really cool so far!  Long day but a great adventure so far!


Keep up to date for more posts from Portugal!