Portugal Day 3 – Lisbon Sunrise

The third day was our last in Lisbon as we were travelling to Porto for the last few days of our trip.  I decided to wake up early for a sunrise video since I wasn’t going to have a chance for many timelapses on a travel day.  Near our hotel was the scenic Parque Eduardo VII which sits atop a hill in Lisbon overlooking the city.  The park has a grass setting with bushes organized in a maze like format.

I left my hotel about an hour before sunrise and walked up to the park (only about 10 minutes away).  I did not realize how steep the hill was until I got there!  It took another ten minutes to walk up the steep hill to get to the top for my shots.  Certainly a nice workout early in the morning I was no expecting!

Parque Eduardo-1

The rewards were amazing though, the views were to die for on top of the hill.  The sun was rising above in the horizon to the left of the hill but I still want to get some shots of the sun rising.

20171216_073351For my timelapse I set the camera centered on the hill with a 6 second interval.  My first shot was at ISO 800, f/13, and 1 second shutter speed.  I was using my 28 mm f/2.8 lens for this video.  As the sun rose, I ramped my ISO and aperture.


I ended up staying for close to an hour shooting 557 photos.  My last photo was at ISO 100, f/18, and 1/15 second shutter speed.  The sun was above the horizon during my last shots so I wanted to keep the aperture high to get a sun burst effect.  The sun was also creating a really cool shadow timelapse on the hill as it got higher in the sky which is always a nice creative effect!

By the time the video was done it was 830 am so I decided to walk back to pack for leaving for Porto.  Thanks for reading! Keep posted for more posts from Porto Portugal!



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