Best Photography Secret in Zion National Park? (Kolob Canyon)

Zion National Park in Utah is one of the most beautiful parks in the country and the crowds prove that. The classic spots like Angels Landing and Canyon Overlook are worth the hype and a trip in itself but there’s a part of the park with almost no crowds and amazing views – – Kolob Canyon

Kolob canyon is outside the main part of the park but a short drive around 30 minutes.

The canyons have a short drive with amazing views. There’s canyons and cliffs that will amaze you. The road has pullouts for photos. There’s a short hike to get to elevated viewpoints. Best of all there’s almost no one here so take your time and enjoy

Also – – if you want some easy spots for night / astrophotography the park is open all evening and has some stunning views and stars

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