Top 3 Views of New York City from New Jersey

New York City is a stunning skyline with so many different views and perspectives. From Lower Manhattan to Midtown the skyline has a lot of unique buildings and features. In my opinion, the best and most easily accessible views are from New Jersey:

Here are my favorite three views from New Jersey.

  1. Liberty State Park
  2. Hamilton Park, Weehawken
  3. Caven Point, Jersey City, NJ

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Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park: A family friendly and easily accessed park in New Jersey this area has amazing views of lower Manhattan and is the closest you can get to the Statue of Liberty. My recommendation is to shoot a sunrise here for photography or moonrise after sunset. The buildings glow during sunset for an amazing view. You can also easily park here and walk up to the viewpoints and Empty Sky memorial. Liberty state park also offers ferries into Manhattan or visiting the Statue of Liberty.

Midtown from Weehawken, NJ

Weehawken, NJ Hamilton Park: This is an amazing spot you can drive right up to and park for easy access for an incredible viewpoint. Hamilton Park offers amazing views of the Empire State Building and Hudson Yards. You can also see lower Manhattan very easily and get some amazing views at sunrise. Shooting here for the evening is also stunning to see all the city lights and Times Square

Caven Point Jersey City, NJ: This location is new for me as I had just discovered it this year. This spot is a little further from Liberty State Park but offers easy access and views of Lower Manhattan, the statue of Liberty, and Brooklyn. This location has some unique perspectives during the year of moonrises and sunrises which I highly recommend. Drive down towards the end of the road and you’ll find some locations for easy access shooting!

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