Buenos Aires Photography – Puerto Madero

My first day in Buenos Aires I walked to the Puerto Madero area which is a modern neighborhood of the city.  The area is full of restaurants, scenic bridges, and high rise buildings.


Perfect for a first day!  The first thing I did of course was have a nice steak dinner  (dessert shown below) then I went scouting for locations to shoot timelapses.


I wanted to get a sunset of the city from across the river with the skyline.  I found a nice area right near the water overlooking the marina and city.  I set up my Nikon D850 with my travel tripod.  I used an interval of 12 seconds because I forgot to bring my memory cards and only had one half full one left!  Reminder to always format your memory cards before leaving and save files!

The sunset turned out amazing, here are two photos during the sunset and as the lights turned on in the buildings!


After the sunset video I walked over to the bridge and got a night timelapse shooting the other way across the river of the Puente de la Mujer (Women’s Bridge).  The bridge is a really cool walkway to go across and had some nice views of the city.

After shooting the timelapse I went back to my hotel.  A little bit jet-lagged this was a great first day in the capitol of Argentina!



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