Best Photography Locations – Capitol Reef National Park

Last month I went to Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. The park is less than 2 hours away from Bryce Canyon and has some stunning landscapes an cliff faces. The drive into the park is amazing, the scenery kept getting better and better. If you want to visit a national park that is free from the large crowds then this is the spot for you! Here are my top photography locations!

  1. Gooseneck Point

This is a short hike right from the main road as you enter the park. If you walk up to the point you have a great view of the park’s size and Chimney Rock. I recommend you go for sunset because you can get a majestic sunset from the overlook and then look around the park where the sun does some amazing things as it sets!

2. Hickman’s Bridge

Hickman’s Bridge is about an hour hike from the main road where you can get some higher up views of the park all to yourself. Start at the base of Capitol Dome and head up. The bridge is an amazing national formation. I recommend you go early in the morning so you can see the sun peeking through the bridge. We were also the only people there for a half hour!

3. Capitol Dome

Located in the Fuita area, the dome stands out from the rest of the park because of its color and shape! There is a parking lot right in front of the dome where you can get some nice shots with a leading line river up through the park! I recommend going early or for sunrise first thing in the morning!

4. Scenic Drive

Last but not least is the Scenic Drive which starts at the park visitor center. This drive takes about an hour and has some epic views of the park that will make you want to open the windows, turn the music off, and drive slower as you enjoy the scenery!

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