Lighthouse Sunset Timelapse and Important Tip!

Last week I drove down south to Cape May, NJ.  I have never been to south NJ and took the opportunity after the busy summer crowds to go check out the lighthouse.  I’ve seen the lighthouse all across social media and websites of New Jersey.  I was planning to do a day to night sunset timelapse of the lighthouse.

The lighthouse is located in a nice park with open area and beaches.  I found a spot right in front of the lighthouse with the sun setting behind.  I set up my camera and played a game on the grass with my brother.  The area was super relaxing, having fun, and taking photos at the same time.


I used my Nikon D850 in manual mode with a Tamron 15-30 f/2.8.   I started out at f/22 to get a sunburst and slowly changed my settings.  I tried to keep my overall shutter speed around 1 second in the end to make sure the could get the lighthouse turning on.

I took close to 600 photos but once the sun went down….the mosquitoes came out like crazy! I couldn’t believe how bad it was!  I’ll usually stick around for a while after sunset to get a nice nighttime shot…no matter how cold it gets, but mosquitoes are a different story!  I couldn’t stand another minute and had to leave.  So important tip: bring bug spray to sunset shots!

Anyways the video turned out pretty good! Hope you enjoy!

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