Travel Tip: How to get the best hotel room view

Last week I went to Indianapolis Indiana for a one day work trip. I always bring my camera and tripod on trips but since my trip was so short I didn’t have much time to shoot.

I booked a hotel ahead of time that I knew had a great central location at the downtown circle center. The Sheraton in Indy overlooks the circle center monument circle which is a really photogenic spot.

When I got to the hotel I told the receptionist at check in that I was a photographer and was wondering if they had a room with a view. That’s all it took! They kindly looked at the available rooms and map and put me on the top floor with a view looking over downtown.

When I got to the room I needed to grab dinner so I set up my tripod at the window and got this epic sunset while I was away eating!

I shot the timelapse with my Nikon D850 in aperture priority mode so it changed the settings during the night. Turned out really nice!

Thanks for reading and safe travels. Make sure to try asking for a view at your next hotel!

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