Coronado Bridge Sunrise Timelapse – San Diego California Photography

This month I returned to San Diego for a quick weekend trip. I really went there for the warm weather and fish tacos!

I was in San Diego two years ago for a work conference and didnt have a chance to shoot many timelapses. One of the spots I did shoot was sunrise at the Coronado Bridge. The weather two years ago wasnt so great with cloudy weather.

This year I went back. I was hoping for a much better sunrise. If you havent been there before its an awesome park right off the highway. There is parking pretty much right in front of the bridge. Lots of runners and photographers there!

I found a great composition with a small boat overlooking the bridge. One of my main tips shooting timelapses is to always have a good composition…something I honestly didnt have last time.

I got there about 45 minutes before sunrise. I used my 28 mm F/2.8 lens and got really close to the boat for the composition. I used manual settings to keep the shutter speed near 1-2 seconds for pretty much the entire timelapse. I wanted a longer exposure to smooth the water. With an 8 second interval I got close to 500 photos.

The sunrise turned out amazing! The colors were great with the pastel sky. I wish there were more clouds but this was still much better than last time!

After the shoot I went back to the hotel for some breakfast and coffee!

I hope you enjoy the final video! Make sure to go shoot at Coronado Bridge if you’re ever in the San Diego area!

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