Central Park New York City – Bow Bridge Timelapse

Well today is a rainy day….so I thought I’d write about another video from last week where I visited New York City and Central Park.  One of the spots I had wanted to check out was the Bow Bridge which is famous from a lot of photos and movies.  The bridge has a little bench area right next to the water which was perfect.  The clouds were moving in and out of sunshine and there were a lot of paddle boats.

I was trying to use a shutter speed near 1 seconds to get some motion blur with the boats and people.  The river is pretty narrow at the bridge and with my 18-55 mm lens I really couldn’t go any wider for panning motion.  I was using ISO 100 and f/22 with a UV filter to drag the shutter speed a little longer.  I set my interval at 3 seconds for 300 total photos since I was trying to capture and blur the motion of people and boats.

The video below shows the scene from my phone and you can see its a bit cloudy and dark outside.  But I ramped up the exposure in my camera and editing to lighten the scene a bit.  Overall, this turned out really nice!  I am sure this would be epic in the fall!


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