Brooklyn Bridge – Day to Night Timelapse

Yesterday evening my family and I took a trip to Brooklyn to see a sunset.  The clouds were disappearing and I was hoping the sunset would be pretty nice with a lot of clouds.  However the clouds had pretty much but all disappeared over the NYC skyline once we got there.

I set up my tripod on the walkway overlooking the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge.  I had previously shot a timelapse from the Manhattan Bridge overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge.  There were a lot of photographers in the area and I had a pretty good conversation during the shot with a gentlemen shooting a 360 timelapse with the Samsung 360 camera.  Curious to see his results!

Anyways,  I’m glad I got there a bit earlier to get set-up for my shot.  I started shooting right at 4 PM and ended about 530 PM.  I was attempting to do a day-to-night timelapse so I had an interval of 12 seconds with ISO 400 and f/10 which are turning into my go-to sunsrise/sunset settings.  I did everything in manual and ramped the exposure by changing the shutter speed from 1/250 to 6 seconds during the sequence.  I find this is easier to do for my camera with my workflow in LRTimelapse that deflickers my sequence pretty nicely.

Once the sun set and the lights turned out the scene was pretty stunning.  The tower lights were reflecting off the river and boats and helicopters were moving through the scene.  The colors on the river were amazing and I think the video and photos turned out great.  A sunset over the city would definitely be epic here.  I looked when this occurs and its in the spring (April) so keep posted for a video then!  As for now enjoy this video and images (first and last of sequence) and let me know if you have any comments or questions!



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