NEW!! New York City Mobile Timelapse Guide

I’ve released a NYC Timelapse guide for Mobile Phones. It includes the 20 best skyline views and access, shooting times, and tips! Also included is an interactive google maps and example images. Anyone who purchases the guide gets an exclusive 20% discount for my workshops. See link below

Manhattan Sunset from Brooklyn

On Saturday my brother and I went to Brooklyn for a day trip.  We visited Governor's Island and walked around Brooklyn.  The sunset was at 830 pm and I wanted to do a day to night timelapse of the city from Brooklyn with the sun setting over the buildings.  I was at the iconic Brooklyn … Continue reading Manhattan Sunset from Brooklyn

Statue of Liberty EPIC Sunset Timelapse!

Some nights you just get lucky with the sunset! Last night I went to Red Hook in Brooklyn to take some photos at Pier 44.  The pier this weekend was going to be a perfect spot with the sunset angle for the Statue of Liberty.  I drove there, left about 6 pm and got there … Continue reading Statue of Liberty EPIC Sunset Timelapse!

Brooklyn Bridge Timelapse!

Yesterday afternoon some friends and I drove to Brooklyn for the afternoon.  I had taken timelapses of the Brooklyn Bridge before but never on the bridge itself!  We had some Pizza at Grimaldi's and then went for a walk to the bridge.  I was looking to take some photos of the bridge and cars underneath … Continue reading Brooklyn Bridge Timelapse!

Timeslice Obsession!

Recently I've been on a Timeslice obsession which a several photos in 1!  Since I have several sunrise and sunset timelapse I can combine photos I shot from the video into 1 through Photoshop layers.  I usually take about 24 photos per each timeslice and stitch them together evenly spaced.  I have some from California, … Continue reading Timeslice Obsession!

Top 2016 Videos!

I've been working on my top 2016 videos recently and decided to release a short film highlighting my favorite timelapses of the year.  See the video below!  The timelapses included are from New York City, Washington DC, California, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Japan!  Looking forward to more in 2017!

Brooklyn Bridge – Day to Night Timelapse

Yesterday evening my family and I took a trip to Brooklyn to see a sunset.  The clouds were disappearing and I was hoping the sunset would be pretty nice with a lot of clouds.  However the clouds had pretty much but all disappeared over the NYC skyline once we got there. I set up my … Continue reading Brooklyn Bridge – Day to Night Timelapse

Manhattan Bridge Sunset – New York City Tilt Shift Adventure Part 3

  My last timelapse with the tilt-shift lens was from the Manhattan Bridge in China Town.  The sun was going to set behind the skyline and the clouds were going to be really cool so I decided to try a sunset to night timelapse from the bridge.  After a lot of walking and finding the bridge … Continue reading Manhattan Bridge Sunset – New York City Tilt Shift Adventure Part 3