Chicago Weekend Trip

This past weekend I was in Chicago with my family. I was only in the city for two short days so I didn’t have much time for shooting but still managed to get a few videos!

When I first got to Chicago it started raining of course and was much colder than I expected. My brother and I went to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs and Pirates. The weather cleared up in time. I didn’t take my camera to the game but used my phone for a few timelapses. I have a Samsung S9 Plus and took a few timelapses

The key to these videos was trying to keep the phone still so I used my knee as an anchor. I then warp stabilised the video and they turned out great!

The next video was again on a rainy day but I got the chance to fly my drone above the fog. Near Hyde Park and the Musuem of Science and Industry I took a quick video with a 2 second interval of the clouds which turned out pretty cool! Even if the weather looks bad there’s still some time for a quick video!

That evening I wanted to take a day to night sunset from Adler Planaterium but it was absolutely covered in fog. Instead we went back to the city at Buckingham Fountain. I took a hyperlapse here because I found it difficult to get a nice composition with the skyline. The hyperlapse turned out pretty well! I had to open my aperture to f/2.8 with a 3200 ISO to get a fast shutter speed near 1/100 seconds for this.

The last two videos are iconic Chicago shots of the Cloud Gate and Bean. The airport shot was a last minute video I did before boarding.

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