Lighthouse Sunset Timelapse – Barnegat NJ

On Sunday evening I drove to Barnegat NJ to take a timelapse of the lighthouse. The sun was setting behind the lighthouse so I thought it would be a good opportunity to shoot a day to night timelapse. Lighthouse are extra cool because the light turns on during the shoot which can provide a cool video!

I got to the location at about 5 pm with a 7 pm sunset. I had a new lens (Tamron 15-30 f/2.8) that I wanted to try. The lens is 1) much wider which is good for a tall lighthouse and 2) provides some cool sunbursts at higher apertures.

My first photo was at 1/160th second, f/20, and ISO 100 I set my interval for 10 seconds since I was planning on staying through nightfall to hopefully capture some stars.

Let me tell you one thing…it was cold! I’m glad that I keep a blanket in the car for these situation but more layers would’ve been helpful!

As the sun started going down the sunburst turned out great.


I started changing the shutter speed and then the aperture as the sun set behind the lighthouse which provided some warm colors and little cloud movement.


My last photos were at 6 second shutter speeds, ISO 800, and f/9 aperture.


Overall the timelapse turned out great! One of my favorites so far and a great addition for my upcoming New Jersey video!

Thanks for reading!

Next week I’ll hopefully post a video with my new camera! Stay tuned!

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