Empire State Building and American Copper Building Timelapse

This past weekend I drove to Brooklyn to take a timelapse video of the American Copper Buildings and Empire State Building from Hunter’s Point South Park.

I had been planning on this site because of the American Copper Buildings.  The two buildings are connected and I thought the sun peeking through the buildings during sunset would be a cool timelapse.


I got there about 630-645 and started shooting a timelapse with a 18 second interval.  Since I was pretty much staring right at the sun, I could use a f/14, ISO 320.  My shutter speed varied from 1/1250 second to 8 seconds at the end of the shot which I finished about 845 pm.

The shoot was a bit more challenging than normal because of the drastic light changes with the clouds in the beginning.  I had to change my shutter speed from 1/250 to 1/1250 within a shot or two because of the sun moving through the clouds.

This might have been better with an aperture priority mode but my camera generally overexposes once the sun goes down so I prefer to shoot in manual.

20170805_191534 I ended up with about 40 seconds of video in the end that turned out really great even with the light changes from the clouds.  Too bad the clouds went away during sunset though, they would have provided some nice color!

Hunters Point SouthDSC_4194DSC_4474

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