Weehawken, NJ – Sunrise of Manhattan

This morning I drove to Weehawken, NJ which has one of the best views of Manhattan from across the Hudson River.  I was going for a sunrise timelapse of the city changing from night to day.  There were a lot of clouds and clear skies so I was hoping for some nice color.  The location is right in front of the Hudson River with the Empire State Building and Times Square clearly visible.


When I got there I found a parking spot right away near the Hamilton Park and a cool spot overlooking the river and Manhattan.  I got there about 6:20 AM, almost one hour before sunrise (7:10 AM).  When I started shooting I noticed a big cruise liner ship moving across the river.  The cruise ship was going really slow which was perfect for my timelapse since I was using a 12 second interval.  The boat moved across the river and started to dock right in the scene of my shot!  Perfect timing!


My other camera settings were f/13 at ISO 320 in Manual Exposure.  I decreased the shutter speed from 8 seconds to 1/30 during the sequence and ended up shooting about 320 photos.  The sun never really showed itself but there were still some cool colors and Manhattan is always beautiful with the blue hour!  I did notice that there were some more spots down further close to the river.  I’ll have to go back around this area for sure, such an epic scene and you are bound to see something cool!


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