Central Park and Times Square – New York City Tilt Shift Timelapse Adventure (Part 2)


This is the second part of my New York City tilt shift adventure from last Friday.  I went to Times Square and Central Park to shoot some timelapses after some of the earlier shots from the World Trade Center, Washington Square Park, and Grand Central Terminal.

I was hoping to have a good shot from the bleachers in Times Square overlooking the block and people walking around.  When I got there I realized the sun was directly in front of the bleachers and any shot would be right into the sunlight.  I decided to try anyways since the shot might turn out ok and I was shooting at 2 second intervals for 120 photos (5 seconds of video).  I also closed the aperture at f/27 and ISO 100 to prevent as much light from hitting the sensor as possible. I think the video turned out ok since the colors are pretty cool.  The angle on my lens wasn’t big enough to get a lot Times Square and the cars but overall I’m pretty happy with the results.  The tilt shift didn’t turn out as great with this video considering I couldn’t get high enough and I was shooting at f/27.

Camera Settings: f/27, ISO 100, 1/20 second shutter speed, 2 second interval, 24 mm Nikon Tilt-Shift Lens.

The second video turned out much better.  I went to Central Park and set-up over the main fountain and lake.  There were a lot of people and activity in the scene and I also was high enough to have the tilt-shift look pretty neat with the crowd of people moving.  The aperture was f/11 with ISO 100, 1/100 second and 2 second intervals in-between shots for a ten second video (240 shots at 24 fps).  I think this ended up being my best tilt-shift video of the day considering the scene and composition plus activity with tiltshift being apparent in the final result.

Camera Settings: f/11, ISO 100, 1/100 second shutter speed, 2 second interval, 24 mm Nikon Tilt-Shift Lens.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions.  Stay tuned later this week for the final (Part 3) post from my New York City Tilt-Shift adventure!



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