First blog post! Barnegat Lighthouse, NJ

My first timelapse post is from yesterday.  I travelled to Barnegat Bay on the New Jersey coast.  I was hoping to get a video of the Barnegat Lighthouse.  The scenery was amazing with fast moving clouds and great sunshine.  When I got there, I was surprised on how many fences were around the area but I found a nice walkway where I could do a hyperlapse instead of a normal timelapse.

I decided to back up a few hundred feet and move towards the lighthouse by moving a single step each photo.  I put my feet right along the edge on the wood beam.  I realized that I had some elevation changes since there was damage along the way on the ledge.  I think this messed up some of the smoothing in the end.  Looking back would’ve been easier on the sand but it was straight for a guide.  The photos were about 3-4 seconds apart in the end.  I took about 350 photos which ended up being too slow for the final hyperlapse so I deleted every other photo for the final result.  The most ideal would have been about 200-250 photos but I didn’t have any clear dividers to step off photos.  The cloud movement was really cool and it turned out smooth.  I’d give this a B-. I would love to go back to this location for a sunrise/sunset in the future!

Camera Settings:Nikon D7100, 18.0-55.0 f/3.5-5.6, UV Filter

Manual Exposure: 1/50 sec at f/14, ISO 100, 18 mm


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