Independence Hall – Hyperlapse

This Friday I went to Philadelphia for a short day trip.  We stopped near Independence Hall so I decided to take a timelapse…of course!  I was debating a long exposure timelapse with the crowds and cars but I thought this was a pretty standard shot.  I instead decided to do a hyperlapse from left to right of Independence Hall.  The ground had evenly spaced bricks so it was pretty easy to do. DSC_5278

My settings for the camera are pretty important during a hyperlapse, especially when doing it hand-held (without a tripod).  I was using manual exposure 1/500 sec, f/10, and ISO 800.  I typically prefer to use fast shutter speeds doing it manual to prevent camera shake and blurriness.  The 1/250 or 1/500 shutter speed is perfect for this type of shot.

After shooting about 275 photos. I merged them all into Adobe After Effects with Warp Stabilizer.  The smoothing worked perfectly since the shots were really close together (little movement between each).  The longer movements between shots create more camera shake and may require manual stabilization.

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Day trip to Philadelphia!

Last week my brother and I took a day trip to Philadelphia.  We wanted to see some historic sites such as Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell but the city was plenty crowded.  We saw the Eastern State Penitentiary and Logan Square instead.  Both were cool sites to see and 100% recommended.

Eastern State Penitentiary is an old prison in the city of Philly that is amazing.  You can walk through the entire prison with all the cells open.


I decided to shoot a hyper lapse here in one of the cell rows that had some interesting contrast between light and shadow.  The hyperlapse was shot with my 28 mm f/2.8 lens hand-held.  I was in manual exposure at 1/80 second, f/10, and ISO 400.  I should typically shoot at faster shutter speeds hand-held but this still works at about 3x the focal length.  I ended up shooting close to 120 photos by taking three steps for every block on the ground which helped guide me towards even steps.

At Logan Square I ended up using my ND 3.0 filter for a slow shutter speeds exposure (2.5 seconds) of the fountain.  I thought the fountain had a great view of the city and clouds moving by the city hall.  My interval for each shot was 5 seconds.  The slow exposure ended up doing a real nice job on the people moving and fountain!  I shot near 240 photos for this sequence for 10 seconds of video that turned out pretty interesting!  Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!




Top 2016 Videos!

I’ve been working on my top 2016 videos recently and decided to release a short film highlighting my favorite timelapses of the year.  See the video below!  The timelapses included are from New York City, Washington DC, California, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Japan!  Looking forward to more in 2017!

Philadelphia Museum of Art Rocky Steps – Christmas Version

Yesterday evening I drove into Philadelphia to explore the city a little bit and hopefully capture some timelapses.  I first went to the Philadelphia Christmas Village at City Hall but had no luck since it was very crowded and much smaller than I expected.  I also went up to the One Liberty Observation deck and had troubles shooting there since they tinted the windows! Pretty frustrating to start!  After that I decided to walk towards the famous Rocky steps, I had never been and knew there might be a cool view of the city from the steps.  When I got there they had a real pretty Christmas tree set-up which was perfect for my photos!

At first I went up top towards the Art Museum entrance and to look over the city with the tree.  I set up slightly to the right of the tree to get the Benjamin Franklin parkway in the shot.  I ended up using my 28.0 f/2.8 prime lens with a 6 second interval.  I was using f/10, ISO 500, and a 4 second shutter speed.  I usually need 1-2 seconds extra at minimum to allow the card to write the image in time before the next shot.  I only shot 150 images since it was starting to get crowded with weddings (you can see some people start to creep into my images at the end) and I wanted to try some different perspectives.


The next thing I wanted to try was taking pictures of the tree from the other side.  The problem was the steps since they are pretty steep and you can’t really get the tree in the image from the steps.  I had to step back a decent ways across the street to get everything in the frame.   The shot ended up being pretty coo though! I had a street with cars zooming by and the entire tree and steps in the image plus the art museum entrance.  I had to readjust my tripod a few times since the first time I set up a large group of people started to walk right in front of my camera.  I usually find it better through experience if you can set up your tripod in a place that forces people to avoid the camera.  So I basically set up my tripod a few feet further in-front closer to the road (still a safe distance for myself) so people had to walk behind the tripod.  This is what I call protecting my shot!

I again used my 28.0 f/2.8 prime lens with the exact same settings but ISO 400 instead of ISO 500 since it was a little more lit at street level.  The exposure of 4 seconds was used but with an interval of 5 seconds in-between shots.  The video turned out really cool with some epic cloud movement and really cool people movement.  The cars are a bit iffy since they are nothing but streaks which makes for a pretty cool individual photo but tougher for a timelapse.  My shot was really tight that it loses perspective on the cars moving across the image and the streaks are nothing but streaks and have no movement.  A wider angle might be a better shot here but then again it was a tough location since I could not move too much farther back.  Overall I was pretty happy with the result though.


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