Manasquan Reservoir Sunset

Yesterday evening I drove to the Manasquan Reservoir in New Jersey.  This spot had been on my go-to list for a while now and I was hoping for a nice sunset.  The scene ws epic as I walked up to the lake with a Great Heron posing right in front of the sun for me.  The bird was looking for food and enjoying the sunset!


I quickly set up my tripod and camera while trying to be as noise free as possible.  I had to use my 55-300 mm zoom lens to get a closer view of the bird.  The reflections on the water were amazing (bird included).  I set my interval for 6 seconds since I knew the bird might fly away at any point.  Typically I use an interval of 10 seconds for a sunset but I was not planning on staying for a day-to-night timelapse so faster is better.  Retrospectively even 4-5 seconds would have still worked!

Manasquan Reservoir Bird

I was shooting in manual exposure at 78 mm, ISO 800, and started with 1/200 at f/11.  I bumped up my ISO a bit to get a faster exposure so the bird didn’t come off as blurry in the timelapse.  At 6 second intervals I ended up shooting neat 280 photos ending at 1/13 second exposure.  The bird went away as the sun started to finally go down but I got it in a few seconds of video.  I edited the video with Adobe Lightroom and LRTimelapse since I was changing shutter speed during the sequence.

Overall, this was a really cool and peaceful area.  I will definitely go back in the future to explore a bit more!


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