Winter Storm Niko from My Balcony

The other night the weather forecasters were predicting 8-12″ of snow from Niko on the east coast.  I thought it might be a great opportunity to set up my camera overnight to capture the snowfall.  I woke up around 2 AM when the snow was supposed to start and set up my camera in my living room.  I didn’t want to have the camera outside during the storm!  I fully charged my camera during the night and got my camera positioned and set my interval for 45 seconds.   I figured about 80 shots per hour for close to 6 hours would be a good amount of video for 20 seconds.

My initial settings were ISO 800, Shutter Speed of 20 seconds at f/8.0 in aperture priority mode with +1.0 EV.  I let the camera stay in aperture priority since I was going to bed!


Over the next four hours the exposure changed to 15 second shutter speed.  My camera actually ran out of battery near 6 AM so I only got four hours of snowfall and a lot of the initial two hours was rain!  Bummer….the weather was a bit warmer so we didn’t really get 8-12″ more like 4-6″ in the end.

snowstorm-333Besides my battery running out and the snow fall not starting until later I think it turned out pretty nice.  I was pretty happy with the interval and the snow did start falling nice towards the end in the video.  This isn’t my typical type of video but still a cool learning experience.

Thanks for reading!


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