New York City – 3 Hour Private Workshop



Duration: 2 Hours (shooting), 1 Hour (editing)

About: Join me in New York City for a private timelapse workshop.

Do you have a few scenic spots you want to explore and shoot? Let’s go! Otherwise I can always provide my own suggestions. Feel free to explore my Instagram page for inspiration.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email from me to organize a date, time and location for our meet up. Please ensure you check the email with which you made your purchase.

Once in NYC, we will have two hours to get your favorite shots of the city. Afterwards, we will have meet virtually over zoom to discuss how to edit your shots.

Please note: Price is per person. Tickets to observation decks / viewpoints and transportation costs not included.


Students will learn:

• How to create cinematic 4K motion timelapses

• How to properly select a composition, camera settings, and intervals for video

What you need:

• A DSLR or mirrorless camera with a built in intervalometer or an external intervalometer

• A sturdy tripod

• Ideally a zoom lens and/or wide angle lens

• Memory cards and batteries to shoot ~2000 photos

• For editing: A laptop or PC, Editing software (Lightroom, After Effects or Premiere Pro, and LRTimelapse – free trials / demos can be downloaded)


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